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K is for…. ‘Killer Kermit’….

April 20, 2012


It was a hot, humid wet season evening and Justin’s ‘Opera Style’ high pitched squeals came racing through the sticky air, up into our bathroom window. Oh Goodness I thought, hastily pulling out my 360 vibrating toothbrush from the tile grout I was scrubbing behind the toilet in my ensuite. That did not sound good. Practically slipping my way […]

J is for…. Justin….

April 15, 2012


Well, here adds another dimension to the term ‘Jumbled’. I have no idea how I did not think of Justin for the letter J. I thank God for Justin every single day. I met Justin early one morning in January of 2008. I decided to catch the bus as a sort of social experiment. The first […]

J is for…. ‘Jumbled’….

April 15, 2012


I got to J, and all I could think about was boobs. I was thinking about how I could write a blog about boobs, when clearly the word ‘Boobs’ does not begin with the letter J. I decided I couldn’t and so went to google and typed in the letter ‘J’. I do not listen […]

I…. is for ‘In Love’….

April 14, 2012


Love is complicated, messy, outrageous, wonderful, exhilarating and deflating at any given time, or all at the same time, depending on the people who are in it. Or out of it. It can be really messy if you are in it (Love) and the other person is out of it… It can be even messier, […]

H…. is for ‘Hurry’….

April 12, 2012


Which is what I seem to be doing lately! Seems I might be somewhat addicted to being in a ‘Hurry’ or always moving, because when I try to not do anything (including talking), I begin to feel anxious. Or maybe, I just avoid being too still for too long to allow myself to feel too much about […]

April 9, 2012


Originally posted on Joost's Posts:
This is so right for me. I know that for some of my non-Christian family/friends/acquaintances/co-workers, that me being a Christian makes me ‘Not Quite Right’. As one person on the street said to me and a friend from church, “You are a f***ing spastic retard!’ For the preaching of…

F…. is for ‘Fast’….

April 9, 2012


*Grabs my ASICS and races through the letter ‘F’, to get to the letter ‘G’…. Possibly not supposed to do this.. *looks around*……