E…. is for ‘Energy’.. I mean…. ‘Error’

Posted on April 9, 2012


E…. is or for ‘Energy’, or lack of it in my case. This is not typical ‘Lou Lou’ behaviour.

My Letter ‘E’ bloggie for example, was meant to be written on the 5th of April *blank stare*.

Today is the 9th of April *further blank stares*

Also, 2 weeks ago, on Crazy Hair Day, I got home from work, with playdough covered, dye filled hair, and I pulled it into a tail, then CUT. IT. OFF. (maybe about 11 inches) *bursts into tears*.


Actually, this post has nothing to do with ‘Energy’ levels.

This post is more about being Lazy and belongs under ‘L’

Carry on.

As a result, ‘E’ is in fact, for ‘Error’……

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