K is for…. ‘Killer Kermit’….

Posted on April 20, 2012


It was a hot, humid wet season evening and Justin’s ‘Opera Style’ high pitched squeals came racing through the sticky air, up into our bathroom window.

Oh Goodness I thought, hastily pulling out my 360 vibrating toothbrush from the tile grout I was scrubbing behind the toilet in my ensuite. That did not sound good.

Practically slipping my way through the diluted Eucalyptus Oil I’d poured all over my sparkling bristle polished tile grout, I skitted out the bathroom, over the carpet of my bedroom and into the hallway, leaving a trail of oily footprints behind me.

What in the world is going on!! I panicked in my head.

Racing down the stairs, I very clearly heard the words… ‘Its tryna kill me!!’

What in the world was it?! You ask?…

'Justin.... Where are youuuuuu?'

'Justin.... I want to wrap my long green fingers around your neck!'.....

Apparently the frog had waited patiently on top of the door frame for hours. Waiting for that perfect moment, when Justin (who already has limited sight) would be vulnerable, it pushed on its muscular hulk sized legs and flew through the air like a green colored Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, aiming right for his jugular vein.

Justin, the subject of my last bloggie, just happens to have the most unreasonable fear of green tree frogs… *blank stare*

Disclaimer: Article may contain small amounts of exaggeration for dramatic effect and impact at various key points which will not be disclosed. (With the EXCEPTION of the time he wailed out that the frog was trying to kill him – that’s true.)

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