L is for…. ‘Lou’vres….

Posted on May 13, 2012


L is for…. ‘Lou’vres….

I have about a million Louvres in my house. Granted I also have 9 bedrooms, and 2 levels. However, the Louvres are only in the upstairs part, and just so happens, that is my primary cleaning domain.

Even with them only being upstairs – 5 bedrooms, an office, a bathroom, ensuite toilets, the kitchen, loungeroom and dining room thats still alot of Louvres.

Im going to go and count them.. *races off*

*races back, catching my breath* 284 Louvres maybe add another 24 (in case I missed a set and I’m too lazy to go count them again)

Okay. That’s not a million. BUT, that is still alot of ‘Lou’vres to clean when you really don’t like to.

These aren’t small ‘Lou’vres. Every where I look are multiple window spaces,  fitted with long (feels like each one is a front pane for a 6-foot-fishtank), movable, horizontal, lustrous, clear glass slats.

I’m very grateful they admit air and light and protect us from the shedding rain, but they also require a degree of routine cleaning.

Cleaning I try to avoid on a routine basis.

Ofcourse, I could just leave the crystal looking glass panes to gather dust, and I could kid myself that it would produce an authentic, graceful aged look.

In the real world, when I don’t clean the ‘Lou’vres in my house, it ends up looking like the Addams Family abode.

I can’t not clean them,  because, as you can see these windows are quite naked (at least in all the main living areas)

Will someone dress me?

Yes, L is for… ‘Lou’vres.




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