M is for…. ‘Mother’….

Posted on May 15, 2012


M is for…. Mother….

Sunday was Mother’s Day.

It was also Church Day.

I think I am the only single mother that attends our church, and I recall Justin mentioning that it was a Special Mothers Day Service.

I had planned for the children and I to go, but, remembering it was Mothers Day, I… felt weird going, like I did not want people to be sad for me, and maybe so I did not feel funny myself. I thought about the fathers and their children doing special things for their wives and mothers.

It’s ironic, and wonderful that my decision to leave the childrens father was based on lessons I learned from my own mother.

I miss my mother, and often think about how things might have been if she had lived to meet my own children, her grand children.

I wonder if she would have been proud of me, and the woman and mother that I have become.

I spent much of Sunday, trying to feel like it was a normal day.

Mothers Day is not a normal day. It’s a special day. It’s a day we should celebrate the great achievements women accomplish every day raising their children.

I love that my children show how much they love me every day.

Mothers day, I feel their love, and can’t go a minute without feeling the loss of my own mother.

It just aches.

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